Bindings are accessories that you can't do without. Indeed, a ski without a binding well…is like a mountain without snow, it doesn't slide. So, whether you do allmoutain skiing, freeriding or touring, there is a binding type for every skier. You will find bindings that are more or less light, more oriented towards hiking, alpine or freeride bindings and hybrid bindings to test yourself in freetouring.

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For the touring enthusiasts and their ADRET 78, we recommend a low-tech binding for low weight. Your number one concern: the weight, so look towards the lightest equipment! In this range we offer you the perfect selection of plum or ATK fasteners. As for the freeriders who want to go and explore virgin slopes, it's time to start a freetouring, practice for which hybrid bindings are a good solution as they combine low weight with alpine binding characteristics for maximum downhill performance. In this registry, come and discover the marker Alpinist 10, the Fritschi tecton 13 or the Salomon S/LAB shift MNC 13.

For those who prefer to keep their heel flat, the choice of an alpine binding is no less complicated. Some bindings are more freeride oriented like the Look Pivot 14 GW and others are more versatile and piste oriented like the Look SPX 12 GW. If you would like more details on the subject, check our our articles “how to choose your touring pack” and “How to choose your ski and bindings pack for alpine skiing”.